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What Our Members Are Saying!

Bolton volunteer Mary Ciummo (left) helped a Berlin member clean up her huge quilting stash and reclaim her sewing room.


One of our members sent a letter of appreciation after receiving approximately eight weeks of short-term support from Nashoba Neighbors following surgery and cancer treatments. We are proud of our volunteers and are so pleased with this member's experience. The letter was sent to all of the volunteers mentioned.


Following each service request, both Member and Volunteer receive a brief feedback form via email; some complete it over the phone with a Volunteer. The following comments are excerpts from Members' evaluations, January - August 2023.


 👍 We could not have had a better experience, what a wonderful team that came to help us! They professionally pruned our lovely lily plants (all 25' of them!), carefully hand-pulled out the dead material, then fully cleaned out all the debris and packaged it to be recycled. Now we can look forward for the joy of the blooms magnificent lavender color when they burst out in the Spring. But perhaps best of all, these three volunteers quickly became more like close friends working and laughing together with us on a perfect crisp Fall day—what a special treat, and we thank you! [Two Lancaster Members]


👍 "Terrific!  Pam is a buddy...I'm also meeting new people with [Nashoba Neighbors] AND I LOVE IT!" [A Bolton Member]


👍  "Eric was awesome. He was delightful, helpful (beyond expectations).  I couldn't have fulfilled my appointment without him. He stayed with me my every move. Like a friend. Thank him and ALL of you for your patience, caring and help.  Exceptional program." [A Lancaster Member]


👍 "Mike was great; did [the task] very efficiently, effectively; very easy person to work with; during his two visits I have been very pleased!"  [A Bolton Member]

Clinton Volunteer John Martin (left) and a Bolton Member amused by a very drippy ice cream cone


👍"Absolutely delighted with the support; needed to clean/wash chairs in preparation for my birthday party; I could not have done it without Susan who also carried the chairs upstairs. That was perfect, she was just wonderful. I even invited her to my birthday!!!" [A Lancaster Member]


👍 "Mary Anne went above & beyond with this service. Most Excellent!!!"  [A Lancaster Member]


👍"Removing [my late husband's] medical things was tough for me. Bob B. came with compassion and genuine understanding. He packed his car like a moving specialist. It was a good feeling to know that [my husband's] things would be offered to someone else that might need them.

Flowers always make a better day .... Bob, thank you!  Thank you Nashoba Neighbors."  [A Berlin Member]

Lancaster volunteer Mike Cody working on a fence repair for a Bolton member


👍 "Mike is amazing! Did a great job on the [porch] screens and went above and beyond on the chainsawing!! We really appreciate him!"  [A Bolton Member]


👍 "Very impressed and satisfied with the help from Bob M. and Sue. Super nice people.  [A Berlin Member]


👍 "I was very happy with Karen's service!" [A Bolton Member]


👍 " A special thank you to Bob B. for his patience. It turned out to be a longer day than I expected, and Bob was very kind and helpful." [A Lancaster Member] 


👍 "I want to thank Pam for the hard work she did getting the mildew off the deck, scrubbing, especially in a few places. It took longer than we anticipated and I appreciate that she took this time to clean up the deck so beautifully!" [A Lancaster Member]


👍 "Susan was fabulous, and even helped clean out the sewing room more."  [A Berlin Member]


Small group discussion at a Volunteer Training Session held in Bolton, April 2023

Lydia Velez (Clinton, far left), Shawna Croteau (Bolton, center), Rose Perkins (Lancaster, center right), and Jackie Lichwell (Bolton, far right)


👍 "Rose was a delight. So cheerful and upbeat. She had great ideas for what flowers went well together and the end results were quite pretty. This was a labor of love as my husband had always enjoyed the Spring flowers. I did not plant last year as he was very ill and on Hospice care. I wanted to plant this year however needed both physical and emotional support. Rose with her cheerful let's get this done attitude made this happen. I think we started something in the neighborhood based on the many compliments from folks passing by. Flower power at it's best. Thank you Rose!"   [A Bolton Member]


👍 "Awesome service. Can't get any better. Very attentive. Prompt. Caring. Thoughtful and helpful. Highly recommend. [Thank you, Glenna!]"  [A Lancaster Member]


👍 "Mike came with his chain saw and took down the overgrown Euonymus to a good restarting point. Then he walked around the house and found several more places that would profit from a trim and cleared another window and access to the National Grid meter. Then, affirming his enjoyment of using his saw, he took down a dead something bush and made the front lawn look more tidy. More than I had asked for and done with kindness, skill and pleasure. Yea to Mike and Nashoba Neighbors.  [A Bolton Member]


👍 "Call went well [to put air conditioner in the window] and nice friendly visit too, Thanks all for the help." [Thank you, Jeff!] [A Lancaster Member]


👍 "Kate taught me a few things. Helped by buying more soil for me. She planted some potatoes for me that she brought from her garden. Lots of fun talking gardens!"  [A Berlin Member]


👍 "Rose was lovely. Everything went well. Chatted. She is a good asset to organization." [A Bolton Member]


👍 "Mike took down the large branch that could have been harmful to anyone cutting grass. There really aren't words to express my appreciation. Mike also took down the next branch up on this large tree and my little garden is now getting more sun. Thank you Mike!"  [A Berlin Member]


👍 "Eric was very helpful. He was also pleasant and kind. He made a difficult task for me much easier to get done. He also gently kept me on task."  [A Bolton Member]


👍 "Thank you Nashoba Neighbors for Andrew's promptness and efficiency in removing my air conditioner. [This visit] has been worth the money already!" [A Lancaster Member]

Berlin volunteer Bob Blair (left) working with a Lancaster member on fall yard clean up


👍 "Bob B. was so nice to talk to before the show....We sat away from the crowd in high movie-like seats. The show was fabulous. [Bob's] car was roomy and comfortable, plus he was right on time. It was a pleasurable afternoon!"  [A Bolton Member]


👍 "I can’t wait to tell more folks about Nashoba Neighbors! You all are amazing."  [A Berlin Member]


👍  "Pam came to my rescue after falling in my bathroom. Hurt on the floor. Could not get up.  [When she arrived], she immediately called 911. Pam literally saved me and I am so thankful to her.  She stayed with me and helped EMT's with my puppy. I am so appreciative for her quick reaction in such an unexpected event.... This is an exceptional organization with the best-of-the best volunteers." [A Lancaster Member]


👍 "Bob M. was marvelous. He also said he would investigate a new PC [computer] since mine is very old. He was very pleasant to work with."  [A Bolton Member]


👍 "Michael showed up at the time he said and was cheerful and helpful. We got all the boxes down from the attic and into the living room from which I'll be able to package all my Christmas decorations (even though I may be a bit slow just because I find them cheerful). He said he would keep an eye out for my request to put the boxes back up in the attic."  [A Bolton Member]


👍 "I appreciate Pam’s assistance getting me to and from my appointments. She enabled me to get to my therapy when the CoA’s [Council on Aging's] van was unavailable."  [A Berlin Member]

Berlin volunteer Bob Blair (right) and Lancaster volunteer Mike Cody (left) after repairing a Bolton Member's wood shed structure and roof


👍 "Bob B. is the consummate problem solver. Creating a new hole for the new door knob and lock was a challenge, even with the new template to guide drilling. The artful use of a needle and a pin, his careful lining up of tiny holes, and his delicate scraping of the hole for the lock assembly--all took skill and patience and he never lost his cool. I never would have been able to do this. Thank you so very much. My front door now locks."   [A Bolton Member] 


👍  "Rose trimmed two bushes perfectly without me even being there. Exactly what I had expected. I appreciate it. She did a great job. I'd like Rose to return to do the big one when they stop blooming. The volunteers are wonderful, the program is excellent." [A Lancaster Member]


👍 "Kate was an essential helper. There is no way for a single person to put up the deer fencing around our large garden. We made a good team, and it was a treat to visit for a bit afterward." [A Bolton Member]